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Healthy Children from the Start

At Epic Family Chiropractic  we are passionate about caring for families and believe that children are meant to be healthy and live life at their optimal potential. The nervous system, which is composed of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves, is what regulates the entire body. Many childhood health problems are due to nervous system interference. If a child's spine is putting pressure on their nervous system and interfering with their bodies normal functioning then chiropractic can help! 

Many problems in children can begin with the birth process. Birth is a very natural, but stressful, process on a newborn's body and it is important to have your infant checked soon after birth. When we begin caring for a child after birth we can ensure they are on a healthy path and ensure that your child's nervous system is working properly. 

Gentle and Effective Care 

At Epic Family Chiropractic we will educate you and your family on how the nervous system works and how a properly functioning nervous system can help your child function as their highest potential. Our gentle adjusting techniques help reduce nervous system interference to help your child be as healthy as they were born to be. Our adjusting techniques are specific to you or your child's individual needs and they will always be given the most gentle and specific care they require.

Pediatric Care Benefits

Our primary aim is to locate and reduce underlying nervous system dysfunction in infants and children through chiropractic care. Often times effects of nervous system dysfunction present as different symptoms or health issues. Chiropractic care early in life can help address many health issues helping your child heal and function better. 

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